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Decorative Aggregates & Boulders

View our Coloured Boulders and Decorative Ground Covers images below.  

Decorative Boulders add a natural look to any landscape. They’re an excellent choice to anchor or accent any design as they can add a great deal of interest and impact to the landscape. Our Boulders are readily available from our Madoc location and range in sizes from large to our smaller crated 1 & 2 man sizes. Our 1 man size Boulders ranges from 30 to 75 lbs. each, the 2 man size ranges from 10″ to 18″, and the larger sized Boulders start from 18″ and go up to over 36″.

Decorative Ground Covers come in a variety of textures and colours to add to any landscape design. Other advantages of using Decorative Ground Covers are: they resist weed germination, will not break down and will not need to be replaced yearly as with wood mulches’. You can also use our Boulders for engraved property markers or they can be drilled for bubbling rocks.

We have a wide selection of many beautiful colours to choose from. Our Green Marble is a fresh, vibrant colour, Chocolate, Caramel or White for warmth or a clean pure look; or the class and dignity of Midnight Black Granite, considered the most beautiful, consistent dark decorative aggregate in North America.

Our newest additions to our product line is our stunning 1″ Chocolate & 1″ Mocha Marble. These two products are guaranteed to enhance your landscape design.

With the exception of Midnight Black we can ship split loads from our Madoc facility.